What is Online Class Help?

So, picture this. You have a strict schedule that requires you to work while still balancing home chores, work and family (for those that are already in the family phase of their lives). On top of all that, you are still expected to take a certain online class that most of the time clashes with most of your work hours or even worse, the classes are mandatory and come in at the evening when you are coming from a tiring task from work and you can barely even trudge out of your five-minute power nap.

How we help.

Our main mission is to take your position in those online classes and even do the assignments for you so as to leave you with the fun part, the ability to go on with the amazing parts in your life that mean a lot to you. With a little guidance on what classes need to be attended, and what is expected of us, your online classes will no longer be a huge drag in your personal life. Do feel free to reach out to us to make the necessary arrangements

How does it Work?

Basically, the instructors use platforms such as Google Classroom to render some documents and then Google meet or Zoom in order to meet with the students “face-to-face”.  The biggest fear is failing such classes due to minor issues such as struggling to attend such classes or missing some online assignments. But this does not have to happen to you. Online class help is here to the rescue. We have helpers ready to swoop in and deal with the homework and classes in place so that you do not have to worry about zoning out and missing out on the important bits of information.

How can I get full online class help?

You will simply be required to give us a couple of details including:

  • The classes that require to be attended for you and the necessary details pertaining that class.
  •          Important dates such as dates for quizzes, final exams, midterms etc.
  •          General working system of the course being undertaken in order for us to get a clear idea of how best we can seal the deal for you.